Our adjuncts are vary greatly, in type of activity, the numbers involved, through to where they hold their respective events.

If you are interested in finding out more about a particular adjunct the easiest way to learn more is to come up at the time they're active or check the adjuncts notice board for information, alternatively you can ask one of our bar staff to help get you in contact with a representative from the adjunct you're interested in.


Gardening is a more recent addition to our adjuncts, but meet on a regular basis (approximately monthly) to swap plants, knowledge and ideas or meet to view a members garden or take trips to larger gardens around the area.



Texas-Poker is played on Wednesday evenings from 7pm, they also have tournaments played on Sunday's approximately every 10 weeks.



Fishing is another very popular adjunct, they meet regularly at the Club and have lots of different events from the "big fishing competition" on South beach to kids fishing competitions and a few boat fishing competitions as well.  Taupo is another place they travel for an interclub competition.



Darts is played on Thursday nights from 7pm.  Interclub games through the Chartered Club Fours series are also played during the year.



Petanque is very popular at the Wanganui East Club, played on Tuesday's from 1pm which is more social and Sunday's also from 1pm which is slightly more serious.



Snooker play on Wednesday evenings from 7pm.  Also interclub games are arranged from time to time against some of the local Clubs.



Hunting have an area that at certain times of the year can be accessed (with a donation if you make a kill).  They have regular monthly meetings also.



8-Ball play on Friday nights from 7pm.



Our Golf adjunct have regular (monthly) trips usually their travel is limited to within an hour of the Club.  They are social players and paly in the summer months, no handicap is required.



In partnership with the Wanganui East Bowling Club we have a bowling adjunct.

Good Friday is a great social day at the Bowling Club usually from 1pm, it's great if you want to have a fun game or just want to give bowls a try